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Study: Religious Countries Worse at Math, Science
NO SHIT! What was the point in doing a formal study on something that is pretty much obvious? These findings are not revelatory.
 Students in religious countries are likely to perform worse in science and maths than their more agnostic or atheist counterparts, new research has found. 
“Countries that are more religious score lower in educational performance,” the study's co-author, Professor Gijsbert Stoet, told The Independent.
As a result he advised that "governments that might be able to raise educational standards and so standards of living by keeping religion out of schools and out of educational policy-making."
The joint research by academics at Leeds Beckett University, where the psychology professor is based, and the Universi
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 3 1
Sleep Walking Fascists :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 26 46
345rv5's thoughts on SJWs vs JonTron
Here's the link to his Tumblr post:
I'm just going to leave this here before I got to work right now. I haven't been uploading 345rv5's posts as of lately and I felt a bit bad for not remembering to help spread his word. So I'm going to make up for this by posting his recent essay here. The following are his words below.
Can you believe I had to re-edit this shit over 5 times before having to post this? I kept on getting hit with constant updates, that’s how big this story is. Yeah going by this title, I’m on Jontron’s side and I’ll explain why.  Originally I was on neither side of the issue here regarding Jontron’s recent shitstorm because  I think going by evidence, Jontron is hardly innocent and comes off as a fucking moron on a good amount of his talking points and frankly he does seem to border racist with some of his more questionab
:iconsilverbeastlaguz:SilverBeastLaguz 7 4
Beat Back the Gorilla! :iconcommie-kun:Commie-kun 5 21 Rodegas is gay :iconmister--shark:mister--shark 7 8 Climate march poster *design* :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 15 39
Salt in it's purist form!
Midnight-Fantom: DD U JST BN MI!?!1? DVANT RT R COMUNSTS!!! 
This is salt in its entirety!

Posting this here because I'm a lazy fuck XP
:iconxxgiganmasterxx:XxGiganmasterxX 2 3
Is Right-Wing Populism Dead?
Geert Wilders failed to become prime minister today. What's more is that he underperformed. Big time. Wilders' party is the third one down. The two parties that PVV are tied with are both centrist.

Despite the fact that PVV was leading in polls at one point, this is rather surprising. What happened? Hopefully, it's a sign that the world is now tired of right-wing populism. Angry white men ranting about immigrants has gotten old. Time for something better than right-wing populism. This could be a warning for Le Pen in France, AfD in Germany and Trump. 
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 3 17
Midnight the Maligner :iconnazi-lesbian:Nazi-Lesbian 4 0 Listen Kid :iconnazi-lesbian:Nazi-Lesbian 8 4 Dammit! He got me! :iconnazi-lesbian:Nazi-Lesbian 6 6
Midnight-fantom Did a video
I found his YT channel again and he did indeed do a video on us. To continue your suffering we are watching it. I was going to watch lesbian dragon maid anime today but instead I had to deal with midnight screeching at me. The video is pretty short so we can cut it down to simplepoints.
>Mocha was mean to me!
No she did the metaphorical representation of raping your ass with a serrated strap-on for your stupid comments and she wasn;t even debating seriously.
>DA is full of SJWs.
There are SJWS on DA but not as bad as tumblr however to call Nazi-lesbian an SJW is fucking funny especially since you acknowledge she's a troll account you kept feeding. However this gets ironic when you in your last moments of life on this site told me this.
Which is a little different then what you are sounding like on YT. A little edge here m'boy.
>DA hates free speech.
I extend the policy I always do to everyone. I want to talk to you. Granted it seems that other people don't want to talk to me h
:iconcutestsith:CutestSith 8 55
To My Biggest Fan With Love From Kekistan

>So filthy piece of shit, and "intellectual" :iconnazi-lesbian: made a salty response to getting blocked.
>Let's tear it to shreds shall we?
OOoohh~~ Let's see what arguments he'll make!! Also, I love how you put Intellectual in quotation marks, so you must know my IQ level right? That's strange, I never made that public... Are you stalking me Marmite-Fatcuck?!? Also, how dare you say that about me, I'm not "filthy", in the progressive world there's a thing call "hygiene" that is essential to living a normal and healthy life, but you guys don't practice any form of it at all since "it's a product of Marxism used to slowly wipe away our identity"
>Inb4 "I DIDN'T SAY THAT YOU LIAR!!1!!    
Oh, really?

Don't even BOTHER trying to deny it, I have it archived you filthy little whore. Though my personality can be quite "shitty" but at least my pe
:iconnazi-lesbian:Nazi-Lesbian 7 39
Lesbo Reich Reigns Supreme
Saw that :iconmidnight-fantom: has a slash through his name now. Either he shut his account down on his own or DA banned him. If the former he still may be back but I find this hilarious.

Either way I guess Nazi-lesbian ended up winning in the end and she wasn't even really trying. Hail to the carpet munching master race.

I'm so proud. 
:iconcutestsith:CutestSith 5 14
Salty :iconcutestsith:CutestSith 14 10
Shortest Lived War Ever
So literally a couple of hours ago I posted a journal of the fucktard :iconmidnight-fantom: getting banhammered. Well he started spazzing out on me and saying he would go and kill me and Mocha and that he is waging internet jihad. Less then an hour. Less than an hour it took for this retard to come back to this site and get banned again. All under an hour. This is an amazing accomplishment that only serves to show the glories of Kek. The best part is the people involved like Nazi-lesbian probably wold not even know about this if I didn't happen to be on this site at the exact time he same to spaz out. 
:iconcutestsith:CutestSith 5 23



Amy Schumer is a plagiarizing piece of shit.  
Got the copyright video script all done! Just need to do the voice over and think of how I'd like to present myself in the video. Whether or not I'd have my friend draw one of my characters in various poses, something like how Armored Skeptic does his videos. 
Trudeau the Traitor by MissouriPatriot   Ruby the Swearing Parrot on Trudeau's ignorance by MissouriPatriot

MissouriPatriot why are you trying to called out our Prime Minister? #1 you did a terrible job at it especially when you can actually call him out for shit he's done. #2 Why? This is really out of nowhere because you usually don't give a shit about Canada.…

The FBI have no evidence to back up Trump's wiretapping claims and that they will be investigating Trump if he worked with Russia at all during the 2016 election. Trump's POTUS twitter page though wants you to believe the opposite.  


ACommissionReviewer's Profile Picture
AJ Bijela
Hi there! My name is Aj but if you want you could call me ACR and this is my Deviantart page! Now as a disclaimer I know my page is called ACommissionReviewer however I don't actually review commissions. Not yet at least. That was the original plan but what happened was one thing turned into another and this page has pretty much turned into a response and exposing stupidity page. I hope to one day review commissions with my format that I've written up however I see that becoming less and less likely.

Anyways welcome! My journal is filled with responses and my gallery will have either pic responses or screencap responses! Sometimes my journal will have thought posts by me upon certain topics that may range from Atheism to Gay Rights to Religion. If you aren't someone who enjoys watching drama unfold I don't suggest watching this page, however if you are one that can't watch drama without a bowl of popcorn this is the page for you! If you know something stupid and want me to talk about let me know with a note message, however I may reject it if there is a lack of material or I disagree with the submission.

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Summary of what I took from this video:

-Midnight got IP banned (Yaaaay!) for what looks like to be repeated copyright infringements of Nazi-Lesbian's art.

-Midnight doesn't understand how fair-use works and thinks he was actually taken down for being right wing

-He calls for his fans, or lack thereof, to go and report Nazi for "false DCMA take downs". This coming from the guy who took someone else's work and used it to insult them.

-He tells other right wingers to "abandon ship" because the site has been taken over by special snowflakes and SJWs

-He says that he didn't do anything wrong but make parody art, which we all know he doesn't actually understand what parody means. 

-He tries to shift the blame again onto Nazi who actually did make parody art. She didn't use the picture to attack Midnight but to just have a laugh.

-He calls Deviantart a biased website because his attack picture got him banned while the actual parody pictures weren't taken down. Claims DA is biased against right wingers, yet has no real evidence of this outside of him being taken down for his violation.

-Blames the TOS for him not following the TOS. Maybe if he actually read what the TOS were he would've made the mistakes that he did.

-He claims Nazi "abused" the TOS to get him banned. I can't wait for him to try and explain copyright and fair use though! Considering the fact that I've studied fair use and copyright laws in my program because as producers we have to understand that shit to a T.

-He claims that DA's copyright rules aren't like the DMCA's rules. He thens goes into a bunch of bullshit without evidence which requires it's own point.

-To quote him: "Basically if somebody else created it(?) they can arbitrarily it(?) theirs, even if you've edited it and it doesn't even slightly resemble the original work". OH BOY HERE WE GO....

#1 By "it" I assume you are referring to the copyrighted work.

#2 You can edit someone else's work if you make it transformative, as in changing the meaning of the original piece. If what you made based off of the original work isn't transformative, it is violating copyright law.

#3 Your "parody" was a blatant re-upload of Nazi's art only with bitter text directed at her. Fair use doesn't protect you when you use someone's work in an attack piece.

It's clear he has not idea what he's talking about and is just going based off of what he's either read from youtube commenters, other youtubers who don't understand fair use, or his most likely equally retarded friends who're still in high school. 

-In one sentence alone he blames snowflakes, communists and hyper authoritarian totalitarians for why DA is so biased.

-"It is no longer a safe environment". You mock SJWs and snowflakes yet you whine about DA not being a safe space for you. 

-He basically tells everyone to leave DA.

-He talks about putting time into work and how you shouldn't on DA because he's been on for 5 years and everything got taken away from him. Oh yes all those vore pictures took so much time and effort right? Even though if you go back to my screenshot of your gallery, they're pretty terrible.

-He compares DA TOS to people with guns to your head. 

-Did I mention how he can't speak for shit? He studders more than I do and it's clear he's talking based off of nothing but what comes to his mind. 

-Makes the comparison again and whines about DA not being a safe space again. 

-"I can't even really believe it honestly"... I can't honestly believe I got taken down for using someone else's work to personally attack them. 

-He's not Youtube only, so he's not completely out of our lives forever.

-"I don't really care if you do please report this person". He just contradicted himself in the same sentence... I wanna die

-"They can't get away with this". How dare they understand what fair use is and report me for breaking it!

-He says Youtube's TOS is better than DA's.... Which goes to show how he hasn't read either. 
-I have a hard time believing he's 19 years old. 

I'd love to do a voiceover video on this because I feel like he needs an education in what fair use laws actually mean and why what he did wasn't in fair use. If he really is 19 years old than he seriously needs to be educated on the matter especially if he considers himself a content creator. 


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Have fun. This is your sort of thing. 
ACommissionReviewer Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Did he just compare interracial marriage to gay people with HIV? 
XxGiganmasterxX Featured By Owner 1 day ago…
Lol yet he called me a stalker.
ACommissionReviewer Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Of course he thinks people laughing at his stupidity means they're starting flame war. 
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CutestSith Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't know which one to get offended at more.
ACommissionReviewer Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Gay interracial couples with HIV maybe.
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Thanks for the fav! :)
XxGiganmasterxX Featured By Owner 3 days ago…
I feel my brain melting.
ACommissionReviewer Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Why do people just do not like to do research before they make a baseless claim?
XxGiganmasterxX Featured By Owner 2 days ago
He blocked me, guess he's triggered! XD Did you do the same to you?
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