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Republican Freedom by Party9999999 Republican Freedom :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 23 48
Shame on McConnell!
Trumpcare isn't a healthcare bill. It's a piece of legislation that will strip away the healthcare of millions of Americans and give the ultra-rich yet another tax break that they don't deserve. And the Republicans know damn well that the American public will hate it (Trumpcare is actually the most hated legislation in American history. Not joking.), which is why it was devised behind closed doors. Naturally, people protested against this. Even right outside Mitch McConnell's office. Apparently disabled people were a "threat", so they were forceably wheeled out of McConnell's office for a victimless crime: protesting.
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 2 5
Anarch Capitalists in a Nutshell by kasaundra1 Anarch Capitalists in a Nutshell :iconkasaundra1:kasaundra1 15 24 Ancap Daddy by RedAmerican1945 Ancap Daddy :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 24 31
Breitbart is fake news, gets debunked.
Very entertaining video form Shaun and Jen debunking Breitbart, Black Pigeon Speaks and Sargon of Akkad. 
:iconpixiefairydustpinup:pixiefairydustpinup 1 70
PragerU the trashcan of ideology, read description by AnarchistSyndicate PragerU the trashcan of ideology, read description :iconanarchistsyndicate:AnarchistSyndicate 17 76 That moment. by RedAmerican1945 That moment. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 24 33
NEW VIDEO - On Anti-SJWs and YouTube Skeptics
My new video: On Anti-SJWs and the YouTube "Skeptic" Community.
This has been a long time coming. Enjoy, subscribe, and share.
I'm on Facebook.
:iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 11 92
LOL Oath Keepers Not Racist Enough for Neo-Nazis
The Oath Keeper terrorists should appeal to the neo-Nazi crowd. They hate black people (they pointed guns at Ferguson protesters). They hate Muslims. They love the Confederate flag. What seems to be the problem? Well, you know how white supremacists and Oath Keepers gathered in Houston to defend a statue from a non-existent antifa march? At that rally, an Oath Keeper assaulted a white supremacist.
The scuffle drew a flurry of attacks this week from the Daily Stormer and the white nationalist, which blamed Oath Keepers for the incident and chided the militia group for not being as racist or radical as they would prefer.
“Vicious, Freedom-Hating, Anti-Constitution Oath Keepers Might as Well be the Feds,” read one headline. “Oathkeepers turn against the alt-right,” read another. The sites ridiculed the militia group as “geriatrics,” “normies” and “cucks,” using an insult popular on the alt-right for c
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 2 6
No, Tone Down YOUR Rhetoric! by ProcrastinatingStill No, Tone Down YOUR Rhetoric! :iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 5 14 Two Limp Tricky Dicks Up! by PopeyeTheoB Two Limp Tricky Dicks Up! :iconpopeyetheob:PopeyeTheoB 3 1 Trumpty Dumpty - #NSFW by PopeyeTheoB
Mature content
Trumpty Dumpty - #NSFW :iconpopeyetheob:PopeyeTheoB 4 1
Kajm's porkie pies
The internet doesn't forget Kajm. Next time you're gonna lie about been blocked get rid of the evidence first, you moron.  LMAO, Female   
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:iconpixiefairydustpinup:pixiefairydustpinup 3 56
Kansas: Where Tea Party Economics Failed
There has recently been a surge in moderate Republicans (TRANSLATION: They are slightly less nasty and hateful than regular Republicans) in Kansas. Why? Blame that on Sam Brownback and his Tea Party economics. After voting in Brownback, Kansans got to experience Tea Party economics firsthand. What did they learn from that experience? That Tea Party economics are AWFUL, so they started voting for moderate Republicans instead of Tea Party Republicans. So what were the exact events that took place?
The "economic boom" that was supposed to happen after the tax cuts never happened.Deficits everywhere. Kansas can't afford to maintain it's roads or it's schools because the rich aren't paying their fair share.The aforementioned problems with the school funding caused teachers to leave Kansas City. This shortage caused classrooms to have a lot more students.Hilariously, Kris Kobach insists that Kansas has a SPENDING problem! Has he ever seen Kansas' roads!?It to the point that even many Republi
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 4 6
Peace and Harmony LGBTQ+ Flag entry. by RedAmerican1945 Peace and Harmony LGBTQ+ Flag entry. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 21 21 Satan Facing His Demons by pitnerd Satan Facing His Demons :iconpitnerd:pitnerd 46 16



Because trying to help people keep their healthcare means you're disgusting right?
Bernie Sanders is disgusting. He's fighting to protect Obamacare when it has ruined the healthcare for millions of Americans all across the United States. How is it that people were stupid enough to think he was a populist when he was a career politician since the 80s?
In Trump's world, everyone who asks too many questions are either biased, corrupt, fake, or all of the above.



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AJ Bijela
Hi there! My name is Aj but if you want you could call me ACR and this is my Deviantart page! Now as a disclaimer I know my page is called ACommissionReviewer however I don't actually review commissions. Not yet at least. That was the original plan but what happened was one thing turned into another and this page has pretty much turned into a response and exposing stupidity page. I hope to one day review commissions with my format that I've written up however I see that becoming less and less likely.

Anyways welcome! My journal is filled with responses and my gallery will have either pic responses or screencap responses! Sometimes my journal will have thought posts by me upon certain topics that may range from Atheism to Gay Rights to Religion. If you aren't someone who enjoys watching drama unfold I don't suggest watching this page, however if you are one that can't watch drama without a bowl of popcorn this is the page for you! If you know something stupid and want me to talk about let me know with a note message, however I may reject it if there is a lack of material or I disagree with the submission.

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So yesterday I made a post in response to another post made by MissouriPatriot which was directed at me. The post I think was well put together and basically ruined a lot of what MissourPatfart could respond to. However it seems there are a few interesting comments on his comment section which are addressed to me so I figured we could easily take the time to look at a few of them. 

His post:  ACommissionReviewer is a disgusting human beingThe propaganda, hate mongering, and smear campaigning from this twit is appalling. I am one asking Europe and the UK to put a halt to open borders and Muslim immigration because the majority of terrorists attacks and insurrections have come from Muslim insurrectionists in Europe. Not to mention there are the issues of the little girls being raped by the migrants and the police aren't even doing squat about it. Yet when I called for closed borders, this Canadian twit said I was being salty when I am outraged about the rape of Chelsey Wright because to him, rape is okay.
She has launched a smear campaign against OddGarfield for protesting against the South's culture from being destroyed when the statue of a confederate general, General Beauregard was removed and placed in the dumb. Yet this Canadian twit said that the monument was racist. This general who fought for the South went on to join the Republican party and even fought for the rights of freed slaves so that they could vote, yet

My Response:  Having Fun with MissouriPatriotToday was going to just be a normal day. I was going to walk down to the bank, get ready for a second year of college... by doing nothing. But today is a special day; a very special day. Because today it seems like our dear friend MissouriPatriot suddenly got a dose of a balls and made a post about me. Not a statute like he did before when he didn't have any balls. This time he actually made a full journal entry about me! : D Guess what? It's just as terrible as everything else he writes but let's have some fun anyways shall we? I mean after today I doubt he'll write anything else because he's got wetter pussy lips then his mother.... That was really gross I'm sorry for saying that. So before I say anything else gross let's jump right into: ACommissionReviewer is a disgusting human being 
I've got to love the title. "ACo

Let's begin with this level comment here by…

"Sweden is one of the least corrupt countries in the world you've got to be kidding me you obviously have no clue what so ever as to what your talking about, go to YouTube or google and go search Corruption in Sweden or Sweden migrant crisis and you will find hundreds of videos and articles talking about the increased number of rapes and crimes,"

Okay so where do I begin with this...

#1 - You try to argue I assume about how Sweden is corrupt but it then somehow becomes more about the migrant crisis which is irrelevant. 
#2 - Rapes and crimes doesn't equal corruption bruh.
#3 - I did google my info and here's what I found:

Sweden has less crime than the US:… (Sweden is 58th while the US is 53rd. The higher the number the lower the crime rate)
I also found this corruption index by Transparency International which scores countries on their corruption and do annual lists:…,… (Guess what? Sweden is ranked 4th for least amount of corruption while the US is ranked 9th)
Oh! I also found a nice resource for you here from the Swedish government itself! : D -… (Go educate yourself bitch). 

don't believe me then go look at these articles and videos right here and I suggest you go through every single one of them before you start screaming FAKE NEWS like retard that you are "

So I gave you three very credible sources. Let's see what YOU provided as a source:

-Some fucking weeaboo named Tim Pool who makes youtube videos about going into "no go zones" (even though I already proved to you that no go zones don't exist... moron.) 

-Some guy named Computing Forever who also believes in no go zones (jesus fucking christ they don't exist... Do I need to repost the fox news apology video where they admit to faking them???? Did you even READ what I originally wrote or what?)

-Another some guy named Angry Foreigner who uses clickbait sources for news. (Again none of these guys who you claim are real sources are actual journalists)

-ANOTHER guy named PeterSweden who uses clickbiaty videos and jesus christ CAN YOU PROVIDE REAL SHIT!? Did you not read what my post said or did you just fuck yourself with a didldo? who also don't have a ton of actual credibility in the world of journalism. I mean they are just as bad as... because you can't have a terrible list of sources without this one. Dailymail is just clickbait, they've made shit up or misinterpreted articles in the past and all you need to do to see this is by comparing the original source to dailymail's interpretation and you'll see the flaws in their journalism. 

Wow all those links and what did you bring to the table? Nothing. I gave you 3 valuable sources that have loads of credibility. I win bruh.

And that's a few out of the many articles and videos. "

I'm surprise you didn't put Infowars on here big boi. 

"PS If you did so much as apologize for any mistakes you made then how about making a public apology for taking me completely out of context because of a spelling error on the comments I made for my reasons for blocking you which goes as follows"

How did I take you out of context? Because from what it says here it sounds like the one who's at fault here is you for the spelling error. Then again I can't recall what you're talking about because it seems like you blocked me for nothing more than just in the name of censorship.

I blocked you because you were NOT interested at all in engaging in a civil debate, all you did was criticize a few grammar errors I made and continued to make snarky remarks"

Citation please. I've very open to having a discussion dude but if you're getting salty that's a you problem.

and your not fooling anybody with that I act like an asshole for comedic effect argument,"

But I do only act like an asshole for comedic effect. I always put jokes in nearly every response I make including the last one. If you can't see that than you need a better sense of humor... and some balls.

 the only people I can think of that would even find that remotely funny are your sheepish followers and for the sources I cited"

Honestly I don't care if you don't like my sense of humor. Because I'm not here to make you laugh, I'm here to make other people laugh at you with my humor.

well guess what I'm not going to adhere to your bias I'm going to use whatever sources I please you want to know why because I FUCKING CAN so I suggest you deal with it. "

Just to put the nail in the coffin here... your writing is horrible : )

Well that's actually the biggest comment that I found so let's turn to MissouriPatriot himself who commented this while in discussion with one of my followers:…. Now that I think about it he made several comments so let's handle this one first.

Yeah balderdash. What he gave was a boatload of more rubbish and SJW propaganda."

Ah yes when sources that you listen to say something you agree with its not propaganda but when they say something you don't like its suddenly SJW propaganda. How is Fox News SJW propaganda? I mean it is propaganda but when they apologize for a bit of that propaganda its suddenly SJW? WHAT!?

If the molestation was as ravenous among the Catholics as it was among the Muslims why is Sweden the rape capital of the west instead of Italy?"

#1 - The catholic church pedo ring scandal had been going on for centuries. It was only in the late 2000s when shit came to light and credit to Pope Francis who actually took action against these pedo priests. 
#2 - Again you didn't read my post so here's the same source from the Swedish government to help educate you on how rape in Sweden works:…

So please, actually learn shit.

And also, how is the support of anything of the confederacy automatically racists when there were black soldiers in the Confederate army towards the end"

Have you ever considered the fact they were forced to fight in the war because the south was losing territory and desperate times called for desperate measures? So they sent slaves to fight for their captures? Slaves who almost certainly didn't want to fight because the civil war was the bloodiest war to take place on American soil? Where brother fought against brother? Did you ever consider that at all when writing this or was your blind patriotism just consume you entirely? 

 General Beauregard actually fought for the right of freed slaves to vote? He's totally ignorant when it comes to history and economics."

#1 - He was still a life long democrat and Confederate General. If he changed than good for him but I didn't find any sources that argued that he joined the republican party.
#2 - What does any of this have to do with economics?
#3 - Are you completely forgetting about Jim Crow laws?

Too bad you didn't have a spark of intelligence when you made that comment."

Image result for Irony police gif 

I'm only going to reply to one more comment from MissouriPatriot because I'd be repeating myself if I responded to anymore:…

She hasn't even explained her argument but only used the fallacy of equivocation and also riding establishment stereotypes about the confederacy whilst I shared some actual history."

Well considering the fact you never READ my post I'm not sure how much of a judge you can be about what I actually wrote. 

 I've proven her more so to be a disgusting human being commie."

HIM. I'M A DUDE. I think this is the biggest piece of evidence that proves he didn't read my post. Originally he called him a female; I guess he thought my zoned in picture of Mercy from Overwatch was a selfie or something. In my response I made it clear I was male and yet he continues to call me female. So either he completely ignored the part where I state I'm male or he never read my post to begin with.

Why is it okay to remove a tribute to a man who fought for freed slaves after the Civil War and yet keep up that big ugly memorial to a dictator who was secretly a white supremacist and only freed the slaves in the south as a means to win the war while leaving the slaves in Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia in total bondage? "

Image result for throwing up gif <- My reaction to reading that comment. First of all slaves were released when the Confederacy surrendered so your claim that he fought to free slaves after the war is bullshit. Actually since he was a Confederate general he did the very opposite, he fought to keep black people slaves instead of freeing them. 

"And before you call me racist or a liar,"

Both of which you are big boi.

I took a class on this and my professor told me about this and he's staunchly pro-Union."

Pfft bullshit. If you took a class on this shit you shouldn't be arguing points I'd see made on pro-confederate sites. 

So MissouriPatriot and DarthBane48 I hope this was a learning experience for you both : ) I hope you use those actual sources I provided with care and maybe... just maybe... your brains will grow 3 sizes bigger ; )


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And don't be surprised if suddenly, Canada is flooded with American refugees fleeing the stupidity of the trump administration...
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