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The Conservative Outrage Meter by ProcrastinatingStill The Conservative Outrage Meter :iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 6 2 Trump Card by Party9999999 Trump Card :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 9 3
New Kid on the Blawk

Asshat Xekowhinier responds to my comment from his safe space. Can I get a witness?
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Why Do Evangelicals Love Trump?
Donald Trump would have been stoned to death in Biblical times. Adultery, divorce, positions other than missionary and having a porn star wife are big no-no's. That is what Trump does and is also frequently preached by evangelicals. Yet Trump remains popular among white evangelicals, even as his approval rate drops with practically everyone else. His current approval rate among white evangelicals is 74%.

The baby knows

tfw your mom fucked up your future.
This is something that has always baffled me. How can Trump remain popular among evangelicals despite committing every one of the seven deadly sins? Wayne Flynt, an Alabama professor at Auburn University, provided an answer that actually explained a lot. 
Flynt explained that the actual words of Jesus are largely unimportant to evangelicals. The only two issues that evangelicals largely care about
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 2 9
Trump Responds to March Against Alternative Facts
Dear Donald J. Trump,
Actions speak louder than words. So far in all of your weeks of running the country, you have favored fossil fuel oligarchs over the working-class Americans that you claim to support. You chose a fossil fuel stooge to head the EPA. You have placed gag orders on EPA scientists. You have put a creationist in charge of the education task force. You have chose an anti-vaxxer to head the Vaccine Safety Commission. Your actions show that you favor alternative facts over reality. 
You have also decided to cut the budget of various scientific programs that probably cost less than guarding Melania in Trump Tower. You claim to respect scientific inquiry, yet you do not practice what you have preached in this letter. Also the majority of Americans are in favor of action on climate change. Your actions have shown where your loyalties really lie.
Your letter regarding the March Against Alternative Facts is little more than a blatant attempt to calm down a public angry at
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 4 10
Murica by ProcrastinatingStill Murica :iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 10 16
Reasons Why to March for Science
49% of Republicans don't believe in evolution.Todd Akin (Formerly R-Mo) is of the opinion of that women who are raped can secrete a magic substance to stop a baby from being formed. Doug La Malfa (R-California) believes that abortion causes cancer, contrary to what the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute sayMichelle Bachmann (Formerly R-Minn), aside from promoting creationism, claimed that vaccines can cause children to become retarded.House Republicans don't want the EPA to use scientific data.Only six percent of scientists identified as Republicans in a 2009 Pew poll.
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 3 5
Trump Invites Anti-Semitic Musician to White House
Guess who Trump invited to the White House last night? Ted Nugent. Nugent has blamed gun control on Jews.

Oh and guess what? He's an NRA board member! How fitting! Having Antifa disrupt this douche's next concert is pretty much warranted. I know what people will say. "But violence is wrong!!1!!!" Sorry. Nugent has threatened to kill migrants across the border and has pretty much threatened politicians that he thinks will take his guns (which will never happen). When they go low, we go lower. 
Kid Rock and Sarah Palin also visited Trump. Why? Just why?
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 2 9
The Threat of the Shallow State
The "deep state" is the latest conspiracy theory that Trump supporters invented so they can feel good about themselves in the wake of the numerous failures of the current administration. Basically, it's never Trump's fault. It's always the deep state sabotaging him.
But I found this article in Foreign Policy by David Rothkopf. He states that the real threat is not the "deep state", but the "shallow state" created by the current administration. Reading through this, I agree with him. Trump runs a shallow and superficial regime. His supporters do not care about political experience, competence or even reality. They only care about a man who can satisfy their warped worldview. I suggest reading what Rothkopf had to say. The standout parts, I've underlined.
The “deep state” is the flavor of the month for conspiracy theorists, the “black helicopters” of 2017. The idea of career intelligence and military officers and bureaucrats marshaling the instituti
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 3 0
White House Easter Egg Roll: Some Takeaways
They couldn't fuck it up this bad. Could They? Well.
The attendence was 40% lower than last year. I wonder why?Trump forgot to put his hand on his chest during the national anthem. If that were Obama, the right-wing media complex would constantly talk about how this is proof that he's a "Kenyan Muslim". Speaking of which, Melania and Barron are FINALLY moving into the White House this summer. New Yorkers are collectively rejoicing about this.This photo was taken of Betsy DeVos and was posted on the official White House Snapchat. It's incredibly hilarious, yet incredibly depressing at the same time. 
Trump signed a kid's MAGA hat and threw it into the crowd for some reason.Like some kind of sick joke, the book Melania read was called "Party Animals". It's about celebrating differences.Sean Spicer read too.  
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 2 4
Patriotic Klansman Punches Social Justice Warrior
That guy who punched an anti-Trump protester? Turns out he's white supremacist and a member of the KKK. 
Nathan Damigo of white nationalist group Identity Europa was identified by multiple witnesses as the man seen in a viral video lunging at an unsuspecting woman with dreadlocks and viciously punching her before she had a chance to react.
Damigo is an Iraq War veteran and convicted felon who was released from prison in 2014 after serving five years for armed robbery. Damigo drunkenly pulled a gun on a cab driver, erroneously believing the man was Iraqi, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
You-Know-Who will probably defend Damigo and claim the assault was "justified". #ArrestDamigo 
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 3 28
That's the only word I can think of to describe Trump's new policies. Betrayal. He's betraying his voters that liked him for his "America First" stance. A part of me feels betrayed also. Me and my family suffered through the effects of neocon wars and I do NOT want that to happen again!
Bannon, who was once thought of as the man secretly running the show, has been sidelined in favor of Ivanka and Kushner. Bannon now seems to be on the verge of being dumped.China is no longer a currency manipulator. There goes another campaign promise. And this is what my state senator said in response. That's right. A Democrat is now beating Trump at his own game.
Despite bashing the way Obama behaved in Syria, he's now following in Obama's footsteps regarding Syria.There's damning evidence (including an arrest in Spain!) of his campaign collaborating with Russia. Now he decided to turn on Putin by attacking Assad.The administration is
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 2 8
Defend human rights by Akhnaton-II Defend human rights :iconakhnaton-ii:Akhnaton-II 16 10
United Airlines Must End
It got bad enough that they beat up one of their customers, they're now running a smear campaign against him to defend themselves! The David Dao they beat the shit out of? He's not the same David Dao that did the "drugs for gay sex" thing.
This is repulsive. I will never fly on United Airlines as long as I live. They are sick and morally bankrupt company. I hope Dr. Dao sues their asses off.
:iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 4 3
Chechen gays by Akhnaton-II Chechen gays :iconakhnaton-ii:Akhnaton-II 31 30 Member Berries Trump War by godofwarlover Member Berries Trump War :icongodofwarlover:godofwarlover 12 19



Only crazy people think being an extremist is something to be proud of. 
I'm not ashamed, I am a Conservative nutjob
And I'm proud of it,

gather conservatives, lend me a hand to spread the word…

Dear SkyhawkJD

Let us not forget about the Boston Bomber as well, registered republican. But you wanna know something? I don't support nor deny that left wing extremists are innocent at all. I believe all extremists are bad, something you clearly want to paint as all liberal extremists are. 

"You lose, liberals support the murder of children,"

Republicans only give a shit about kids while their still in the womb. A fetus is not the same as a child, like how a yolk isn't the same as a baby chick. Fuckin moron.

 and this dumb idea that we're in a rape culture"

Do you know what projection is? Because I've never once said anything about a rape culture at all. Why are you assuming I believe in shit that I've never once stated I did so? 

Also stop hiding my comments you big pussy.
My 8 values by MissouriPatriot

Lookie here, MissouriPatriot is anti-equality when it comes to the economy, pro-war/anti-peace, pro-authoritarian, and anti-progress. What a fuckin surprise! : D 


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AJ Bijela
Hi there! My name is Aj but if you want you could call me ACR and this is my Deviantart page! Now as a disclaimer I know my page is called ACommissionReviewer however I don't actually review commissions. Not yet at least. That was the original plan but what happened was one thing turned into another and this page has pretty much turned into a response and exposing stupidity page. I hope to one day review commissions with my format that I've written up however I see that becoming less and less likely.

Anyways welcome! My journal is filled with responses and my gallery will have either pic responses or screencap responses! Sometimes my journal will have thought posts by me upon certain topics that may range from Atheism to Gay Rights to Religion. If you aren't someone who enjoys watching drama unfold I don't suggest watching this page, however if you are one that can't watch drama without a bowl of popcorn this is the page for you! If you know something stupid and want me to talk about let me know with a note message, however I may reject it if there is a lack of material or I disagree with the submission.

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So I just saw the Beauty and the Beast remake and guess what it was pretty shit. As someone who loved the original the idea of a remake of this film just made me cringe. I still had an open mind though considering how good the Cinderella remake was that maybe this would somehow improve upon a near flawless film. The moment I learned who the director and writers were however those fears crept back into my brain. Bill Condon was the director for both Twilight Breaking Dawn films while screenwriter Stephen Chbosky did the screenplay for Rent (which was bad) and writer Evan Spiliotopoulos(?) is mostly known for shitty straight to DVD Disney sequels.  I know some people were turned off by Emma Watson being casted as Bella but I didn’t really mind at the time. Emma’s a great actress, sure I hadn’t heard her singing voice but maybe they’ll dub her with someone else’s singing voice who sounds similar to Emma or maybe she knew how to sing to begin with. None of those two things happened however and I realized this the moment her first song came.

Emma Watson can’t sing, not one bit. Kinda sucks for the film considering the fact that Bella is you know the main character and all. Instead of either casting someone who can sing or dubbing Emma they did one of the worst possible choices they could, auto tune her. I don’t mind auto tuned when it is appropriate but when you have classical orchestic music with a voice that’s auto tuned like shit all immersion just dies instantly. Because if that’s how the character’s singing voice sounds like why the fuck does no other character find it strange that she sounds like weird. Instead they just think it’s the best voice out there like how her voice was in the original. There’s little self-awareness in this movie for you to get immersed in it.

There is a ton of CGI in this film and all of it looks terrible. With an estimated budget of $160 million I would’ve assumed the quality of CGI would look better than this shit.  Every time Bella was out in the castle’s garden or outside in general it was very obvious to tell what was a set piece and which was just CGI, hell a few of the night scenes reminded me more of the scene in Monsters Inc. where Mike and Sully are abandoned in Alaska during a blizzard. Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip all looked really bad. Mrs. Posts was the worst because it looks like they just drew her face on the side of tea cattle with a pencil. Cogsworth’s design was kind of cool; whenever he moved or talked you could see the gears inside of him moving with him so looked more like a functioning clock but he still looks so fake on screen. The Beast being CGI makes me wonder why they didn’t try and just copy the original design of him from the 1991 film because he looks gross in the remake. It looks like they tried making him as human as they possibly could without actually making him human.

This movie didn’t have a lot of great performances either, like they nearly miscast everyone. Emma Watson outside of not being able to sing didn’t give Bella any sort of personality depth. She mostly just smiles through the entire movie thus taking a huge dump on how developed Bella’s character was in the original. Luke Evans was the most miscast actor in this film. Instead of Gaston being the tough, strong asshole like in the original here he’s just an asshole who isn’t intimidating at all. It seemed like the only person who had fun with their role was Josh Gad as Lefou which giving his past roles shouldn’t be too surprising. The rest of the cast wasn’t too terrible but nothing to really ride home about.   

When it came to the actual story it was also pretty terrible. It tries to follow the original, but with 45 minutes more screen time. There are tons of filler parts where they attempted to stretch out as much material as they could without trying to ruin the original but that fails unsurprisingly. Instead of the church glass pane backstory scene from the original we’re just shown what happens at the beginning of the film. This was originally going to be a part of the original film but was scrapped because it was unnecessary. It makes the Beast and all the other castle characters look like assholes before we actually get some real development with them, thus ruining their likeability. You’d think with all this extra running time they would’ve added more to the relationship of Bella and the Beast but surprisingly they don’t. Instead the relationship just feels so frail and bleak; no attempts at depths were made. The only character they did develop was Bella’s father and while I’m glad they did that I have to wonder if they were too busy working on developing the side characters instead of focusing on the main ones.

Now to address the whole Lefou being gay thing, they didn’t do a whole lot with the concept. I don’t think anyone would’ve noticed or even realized Lefou was gay if it wasn’t for the director announcing he was before the film’s release. I mean he’s just as developed as he was in the original, but he’s also gay. I guess that’s something but not really too relevant to the story. Sure it makes sense why he admires Gaston so much but it’s not like people had a problem believing that Lefou would look up to Gaston in the first place. I never heard someone complain about the original and say “I don’t get why Lefou would look up to Gaston, it makes no sense.” I felt like making the character gay was either an attempt at development, sympathy from modern movie goers, to get easy positive PR for the film, or just an attempt at exploitation of a community. My guess is either option #1 or option #3, possibly #5.

In conclusion this movie was nothing more than a cash grab, and it fucking worked. So far the film’s made over $400 million as of April 6th 2017 and we haven’t even gotten to the Blu Ray stage. It saddens me that it was more successful than the original but the good think here is that the original will always be more memorable than this shit remake. This movie did a whole lot wrong and very few things right and even those things done right don’t make up for the massive flaws this movie carries. Everyone who was picked for this movie was the wrong people. This wasn’t the worst Disney remake I’ve ever seen, 101 Dalmatians from 1996 claims that spot *ba bum tsk*. This certainly is though one of the worse ones Disney has made. I wonder what the next remake on the chopping block is; there are at least 20 more that Disney wants to make. So I’m giving this film a 3/10.  


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Why am I not surprised to read that Bill was his favorite comentator? I wonder what he'd do if you brought up the tide goes in tide goes out bullshit.
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